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The Ultimate Blender Animation Course

Master Blender.

Animate like a pro.

Bring your ideas to life.

Join 1,500+ animators and get all the skills, assets, & feedback you need to go from concept to credits.

Welcome to your animation playground

John Slaughter

John Slaughter - TOAnimate animation course review

"This is THE BEST Blender animation

curriculum without exception."

Renier Boshoff

Renier Boshoff - TOAnimate animation course review

"One of the best, if not the best course on

3D animation. Really well explained and

thoroughly detailed lessons. Fun assets,

WITH original dialogues and sets!"

De Etta Ewing

De Etta Ewing - TOAnimate animation course review

"I am both a Blender and animation

newbie, and found the course crazy

organized. Well thought-out and value-


Get your hands on


character rigs & props

Our purpose-built models, faces and props give you

maximum control over every minor detail.

You'll be able to make your characters pose, move, and emote with fluidity & realism.

Play around in

Pre-lit, interactive sets

No more animating an empty void.

You'll get exclusive playgrounds with dozens of points of interaction so you can focus on smooth animations & smart staging (not tedious lighting and set design).

Bring your animations to

life with 100+ original

dialogue clips

With our huge bank of dialogue clips (recorded by

professional voice actors, just for this course)

you can inject personality into your animations.

You'll learn lip-syncing and facial expressions so you can

show off a massive range of emotions, tones and situations.

Play me!

See what you'll be able to do

when you put it all together:

Payment options

Plus you get so much more

than video lessons

Pre-pay for lifetime access

and get $45 OFF

The course is immediately yours,


Full price payment plan:

$90 x 6 months ($540)

After 6 months, you keep lifetime access to all course content.

* If you cancel before the 6 months, you will lose access to the course & community.

* If you cancel before the 6 months, you

will lose access to the course & community.

Get invited to Animation Station:

The internet's most supportive

Blender animation community

Exclusive support

You'll get access to a thriving community of 1,500+ like-minded

artists, here to sharpen their skills and support fellow animators.

You'll get:

  • An answer to any question you might have.

  • Feedback on your work from instructors and peers.

  • Connected with people inside the industry.

"The community is an unexpected perk I have appreciated.

Any and all of my questions were quickly answered."

- De Etta Ewing

The Blender Hotkey


Become a Blender poweruser

Our printable hotkey cheatsheet is your shortcut to quickly building muscle memory around Blender's main functions so you can animate like a poweruser, fast.

Blender animation hotkey cheatsheet
TOAnimate Blender hotkey cheatsheet to help animation students build muscle memory around Blender's main funtions so that they can animate like a poweruser, fast.

Fully subtitled in

7 languages

Every lesson is subtitled in English, Spanish, French

Russian, Indonesian, Mandarin (Simplified), Korean.

subtitles in English
subtitles in Spanish
subtitles in French
subtitles in Russian
subtitles in Indonesian
subtitles in Mandarin
subtitles in Korean









Globe representing the 7 different languages TOAnimate lessons are translated to. English, Spanish, French, Russian, Indonesian, Mandarin, Korean.

Each lesson comes with a

textbook-quality PDF guide

Easy reference material

No more scrubbing through videos just to remember that *one thing*.

We've put just as much work into the accompanying PDF handbooks as the lessons themselves, so you can quickly brush up on any of the principles or techniques covered.

Blink animation lesson PDF handbook
walk cycle animation lessons PDF handbook
Facial animation lessons PDF handbook
Constraints in Blender - animation lessons PDF handbook
Lipsync animation lessons PDF handbook
walk cycle animation lessons PDF handbook

"Every second counts in these videos, every PDF is extremely insightful. A lot of hard work has been put into this course and it shows."

- Francisco Diaz

Animation lesson PDF handbooks that are offered with every animation video lesson TOAnimate provides its animation students.

"All I can say is WOW!"

Luka Arh - TOAnimate animation course 5 star review

One of the best, if not the best courses on 3d animation. Really well explained and thoroughly detailed lessons, WITH original dialogs and sets.
Teachers even give feedback at 0 extra cost! That’s insane!

Luka Arh

Gloria Castellanos - TOAnimate animation course 5 star review

I like the course, and I'm enjoying it. It's not easy to find good animation courses that include lip sync, face animation and are only for Blender, and at a very affordable price compared to animation schools. This course is very worth it.

Gloria Castellanos

Joe Culter - TOAnimate animation course 5 star review

TOAnimate's Blender Basics & Animation Courses are informative as well as easily understandable!

After their courses, I can confidently add Blender + animation into my workflow.

Joe Cutler

Leon Seal Gachuiri - TOAnimate animation course 5 star review

This course is what I needed! I had alot of questions over the whole animation process in blender. Thank God for the TOAnimate team they have done a thorough job  giving us proper breakdowns on how things work in blender and nuggets of tips and tricks.

Leon Seal Gachuiri

Jeff Carnal - TOAnimate animation course 5 star review

All I can say is WOW, this is a talented community!

I love the direction TOAnimate has taken with the short, rich content, that laser focuses on just animation. Plus the PDF under the lesson? bravo! I have picked up so many pointers right off jump.

Jeff Carnal

Bedir Tapkan - TOAnimate animation course 5 star review

I am telling you, do not waste your time, you will not find a match of these animation series anywhere! Community, including the instructors, are extremely active and helpful as well.

Bedir Tapkan

Mohit Bhadana - TOAnimate animation course 5 star review

The best place to learn 3D animation in Blender.

Mohit Bhadana

Carlos Guerrero - TOAnimate animation course 5 star review

Super useful! As a person who comes from a different animation software, this has been the smoothest transition ever. Highly recommended!

Carlos Guerrero

Ricky Cox - TOAnimate animation course 5 star review

Excellent course and community. They really put their hearts and souls into this.

Ricky Cox


You’ll learn from

real professionals

This course was developed over 3 years by pro animators who have worked on huge projects, including the worlds biggest Blender project to date: the Emmy & Annie award-winning Netflix series - Maya & The Three.

Brian Kouhi - TOAnimate co-foudner and instructor

Brian Kouhi

Brian has worked on Paw Patrol, Abby Hatcher, and the epic Netflix series Maya and the Three. For the last several years he's been teaching animation and growing a community of over 40,000 artists on YouTube @BrianKouhi

Simona Kouhi - TOAnimate co-founder and instructor

Simona Kouhi

Simona has helped hundreds of students get into top animation and illustration programs in Canada and the US.

She worked on Maya and the Three and most recently as an animator at Industrial Light and Magic.

Vladimir Mokhov - TOAnimate co-founder and technical director

Vladimir Mokhov

With 13 years of Blender experience, Vlad has worked on For Honor, Maya and the Three and more recently rigging and animation for B-Water Animation Studios.

Some of what we've worked on

FREE when you purchase The Ultimate Blender Animation Course


Learn how to land

a job as an animator

We've built this bonus module to demystify the process for you.

Here's some of what's inside:

  • Find A Job In Animation

  • How to Pick the Right Studio for You

  • Industry Etiquette

  • Demo Reel, Resume, & Cover Letter Dos & Don'ts

  • How To Nail The Interview

  • Negotiate Your Salary

  • The Animation Production Pipeline (how shows & movies actually get made)

Want to turn your passion into a profession?


Master Blender in 7 Days

$195  $0

You'll discover how to navigate the program, create smooth

workflows, and get the most from its tools so you can start

animating with confidence.

  • 40+ comprehensive video lessons

  • PDF handbooks for each lesson

  • Lifetime access to new assets & lessons

  • Technical support for Blender

  • Animation picker & pre-made character templates

New to Blender? We got you.

" The TOAnimate Blender Basics course is nicely done and provides a terrific overview of animating in Blender. The instruction is conversational at a comfortable pace without wasting time or feeling like it's dragging."

- Bruce Matthews

Blender Basics course for animators. Master Blender in 7 days.

Get 12 sessions of

1-on-1 Mentorship

Get 1-on-1 coaching and custom feedback on your shots

so you can create a kick-ass demo reel in no time.

  • 12 x feedback sessions with an instructor

  • 1 x demo reel/resume review

  • See the feedback others in the mentorship
    program are getting

  • Everything included in The Ultimate Animation Course


Limited spots available. Both the

Mentorship & The Ultimate Animation Course share

the same curriculum.

3D Cockpit Set by TOAnimate Academy


Go from a beginner with a vision

to a pro with a skill

From poses to lip-syncs to full performances, this is the 
only animation course that will give you the skills

to animate any shot you can dream up. 

Beginner section of TOAnimate Blender Animation Course, teaching the 12 principles of animation through basic excercises.

Animation Principles for Beginners
Timing vs Spacing: The Difference
How to Read the Graph Editor Curves
The 'Normalize' Button
Squash & Stretch - Bouncing Ball Exercise
Arcs & Momentum - Ball Bounce Across the Screen
Overlapping Action - Ball with Tail Exercise 
Seaweed Motion - Tail Swing
Overshoot & Settle - Sideways Motion with Tail
Putting it all together! - Advanced Tail Practice
Tennis Ball vs Bowling Ball - Animating Different Materials
Everything Is a Bouncing Ball OR a Seaweed! (Lecture)
Simple Walk Cycle (Robot) - Key Poses
Straight Ahead vs Pose-to-Pose Animation - Which one and when?
Animation Examples for Beginners

This section is perfect for any beginner who is ready to dive into the world of animation and has little to no prior experience. 


You will become familiar with the 12 principles of animation as described by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas. We teach these essential principles through popular exercises, starting with the bouncing ball and finishing with a simple walk cycle (see the full curriculum below). 


At the same time, we demonstrate how to use the main animation editors in practice - this will help you become comfortable with Blender’s tools introduced in the Blender Basics course. 

By the end of this section, you will have a solid understanding of the animation foundations, know how to use Blender efficiently and be able to animate simple characters and movements.

The Ultimate Animation Course

The animation learning curve is steep.

We've flattened it.

Here’s a recap of everything you get:

  • The Core Curriculum

  • 7 Days to Blender Mastery 

         [Value $95 - free when you buy the main course]

  • Access to Animation Station

  • Demo Reel Booster Pack 

  • Textbook-Quality PDF Handbooks

  • Blender Hotkey Cheatsheet

  • How To Land A Job In The Animation Industry

  • Fully Subtitled in 7 languages

  • Movie-Quality Character Rigs

  • Movie-Quality Rendered Props

  • Movie-Quality Pre-Lit Sets

  • 100+ professionally voice-acted 

         dialogue lines & custom sound effects


No, but you’re free to use them on your demo-reel or non-commercial social media posts.

Can I use TOAnimate assets commercially and on social media?

No, if you purchase our Mentorship course, you can use your sessions whenever you like!

Do the Mentorship critiques expire?

Yes, we'll be keeping all lessons up to date as Blender releases new versions.

Do lessons get updated with new Blender releases?

You’ll have access to the Animation Station (our private community). No question goes unanswered there :) 

What if I run into an error or get stuck on a lesson?

Absolutely. We have an entire section of the Ultimate Animation Course dedicated to facial animation including lip-sync.

Do you teach lip-syncing?

Yes! Completing it will reward you with a certificate of completion! But keep in mind that this is not an accredited certificate, so it will not count towards a school/college credit.

Will I get a certificate upon completion?

Nope! You can be a total newbie to Blender and animation before taking this course.

Do I need to already know Blender?

Getting solid education (like taking this course) will give you a solid understanding of animation, plus you will have a demo reel that you can use to apply for jobs (essential!).

Will this help me get a job in animation?

We are not an accredited school and so you will not have a college degree upon completing the course. However, the information taught in the course fully replaces (and surpasses) any college curriculum, at a fraction of the price.

Is this a replacement for animation school?

You can pay only once and gain lifetime access to all current and future lessons & assets!

The only way would lose your access is If you choose the "payment plan" option and cancel before its completion.

Does my access expire?

TOAnimate Academy's Blender Titanium Supporter badge

Learn animation and support Blender development.

We pledge $100 every month to help Blender grow, making us a Titanium Blender Supporter!


Your purchase of our Ultimate Animation Course now plays a part in making Blender even better.

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