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assignments and downloadabl files for Animation students taking TOAnimate
Lifetime forum access to Blender questions


Lifetime access to our community forums and technical help with any

Blender issues.

instructors provide feedback to animation students


12 feedback sessions and a final demo-reel review under the Mentorship Package (work at your own pace).


Handbooks for each lesson, assignments, hotkey cheat sheets and many more helpful downloadable materials.

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Learn Animation in Blender!

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950+ Students

Students Enrolled

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Animation Course Release

950+ Students

Now Live

Students Enrolled

Animation Course Release

Best Blender animation course
Exclusive Blender rigs provided to TOAnimate students


100+ animation & Blender lessons available to stream

on any device (beginner to expert level).


Exclusive rigs, assets and everything needed to make an awesome demo-reel.


100+ unique voice clips created by professional voice actors specifically for the course (various emotions & situations).

Voice acting and sound bites provided to TOAnimate Blender Animation students

Everything you need in one place!


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May rig from TOAnimate a feature level rig for Blender

WHY TOAnimate?

We’ve been there. As animators, we know that scavenging the Internet for rigs, props, sets and dialogues is a sure way to let your inspiration die before you even start animating… so we decided to bring it all in one place! 

Our carefully structured courses teach you how to professionally use Blender and master the principles of animation while learning at your own pace.


We’ll start at beginner level and take you all the way to acting, polish and demo reel creation. Lessons come with exercises, quizzes, work files and a certificate of completion.

Sample Course Lesson!

Check out this free lesson from Brian and get a taste of what it’s like to study with us.

Brian has been teaching animation and Blender on YouTube for over 3 years, with more than 20,000 artists tuning in so far. If you enjoy his teaching style, you'll definitely enjoy our course as well!

TOAnimate spaceship cockpit 3D set
Blender animation rig - Max

Why learn Blender?

It’s completely FREE and rapidly improving

It’s as good as Maya (if not better 👀) 

A lot of studios are gradually switching to Blender

Knowing Blender opens the door to new career opportunities

You can create whatever you want and not pay a dime!

TOAnimate Cinematic!

We present to you our cinematic, made entirely by the TOAnimate instructors. Every 3D asset you see in this short is also included in the Animation and Mentorship packages.


The more you know, the more they want you. Add Blender to your toolkit and become the top-choice animator for any studio.


Take a deep dive into animation lessons and gain the technical & artistic skills to jump-start your animation career.

Showcase your animation skills in an impressive portfolio and get your dream job!


Learn Blender
Learn Animation in Blender
Make a demoreel

Current course members

What they're saying

Quotation mark

I'm just in awe. Seriously! In the first 12 videos I learned so many cool tricks I never knew existed. Rotate over 3d cursor!? The breakdowner over 100%? What?
 This course is on fire!

Stanislaw TOAnimate testimonial

Stanislaw Mamcarz

Quotation mark

 I must say, I'm only 40% through the Basics course and I've already sped up my workflow.  This is really helping me get out of Maya mind and be in Blender mind.  I love the PDF info that goes along with the videos, so easy to go back to for reference. I'm glad to be here and so stoked this course exists!

Dieter TOAnimate testimonial

Dieter Wagner

Quotation mark

All I can say is WOW, this is a talented community; imagine what the shared knowledge here could produce.

I love the direction TOAnimate has taken with the short, rich content, that laser focuses on just animation. Plus the PDF under the lesson? bravo! I have picked up so many pointers right off jump.

Jeff TOAnimate testimonial

Jeff Carnal

Maya and the Three animators

Learn from Experienced Blender Animators

There’s no better way to learn than from someone who’s done it before. Our team has worked on many high-end productions (feature and TV) both in Maya and Blender.

We were first introduced to Blender when working on the Annie award-winning show Maya and the Three. At the time, there were no structured resources to learn the software efficiently and thoroughly, which led to a lot of struggle and wasted time.

We created TOAnimate to give you a much better learning experience, with easy-to-follow resources and assets to make it fun!

Maya and the Three logo

Animation Course Promo Ends Tomorrow! Use code 'TON

This is THE BEST Blender animation curriculum without exception. I expected more of what everyone else seems to put out, but you guys really dive deep into EXACTLY what I need to do real animations. I've never seen anyone go into the detail quite like you guys do.

Once this course officially releases, I will be encouraging everyone I know who wants to learn Blender to come here. You're on the right path, and I can't wait to see what you do after the Animation Course. Also just WOW!

Quotation mark
Quotation mark

John Slaughter

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