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TOAnimate cockpit set for Blender. Picture used on partners page.
Blastframe animation tools and addons. Ultimate Animators Bundle


Creator of Ultimate Animators Bundle. As part of this partnership, TOAnimate students receive a discount when purchasing the addon.

Creator of Animation Layers for Blender

Tal Hershko

Creator of Blender's famous Animation Layers addon. This partnership offers TOAnimate students discounts on this awesome addon!

Howard Wimshurst 2D Animation Course creator

Howard Wimshurst

Award-winning animator from London. Howard has amassed a very large following on YouTube for his awesome 2D Animation content.

CGBoost partnership and courses


Best place to find Blender tutorials and courses. CGBOOST is a staple of Blender education and we're honored to have them as partners.

Curtis Holt, partner of TOAnimate

Curtis Holt

3D Artist & Software Developer. Curtis has been educating students on Blender for several years.


InspirationTuts YouTube channel was created to teach people about 3D and inspire them to become better artists. They have a ton of helpful videos.


Great channel to learn about 3D resources, addons, news, tips, tutorials and so on.

They keep the community updated!

On Mars 3D

Aunmar has videos on modeling, texturing, lighting and many more topics on his channel. Make sure to follow!

Blender Secrets

Fantastic resource for those short on time. Blender Secrets posts bite-sized daily Blender tips!

Fox Renderfarm

Our partnership with Fox Renderfarm gives TOAnimate students a significant discount for rendering, as well as a huge sign up bonus.

Blender Kit

TOAnimate students receive a significant discount on Blender Kit memberships. Blender Kit has everything from models, materials, HDRS, Scenes and Add-ons.

Our Partners

TOAnimate affiliate backdrop image
TOAnimate affiliate program picture, Max and May Rigs for Blender

Want to Become an Affiliate Partner?

Thanks for applying! If you qualify, we'll be in touch soon :)

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