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November 2021 Course Update (7)

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Hi everyone! The Kickstarter is right around the corner, and so we wanted to catch you up on the process and how it’s going to play out. Please watch the following video for more detailed info, but here is a little rundown:


Checkout this video, or read the text below!


The Kickstarter will launch on December 15th and last 35-38 days; you’ll receive an email notification when the campaign is live.


By purchasing during the Kickstarter per-sale, you get to pitch in on what sort of lessons and assets you’d like to see, thus helping create your ideal course. On top of that, we will have stretch goals once the full course is funded. Any extra funds will go towards creating more assets, rigs, and lessons, to make the course even bigger and better. And of course, you’ll get to secure your package at almost half the price, which is the cheapest it will ever be!


We’ll be selling 3 different packages: Blender Basics, Animation Course and Animation Mentorship. Please check out the Courses page on our website to see more info about individual packages.


It will take around 3 weeks for us to receive your email address once the campaign ends. As soon as we have your contact info, we’ll send you an access key to the package you purchased. You can contact us anytime during this period if you have any concerns! Everyone will receive the Blender Basics course right away (as it is part of every package). In the meantime, we will focus on completing the Animation Course, which will be released to Kickstarter participants in chunks. (This is also where you can start using your mentorship feedback sessions if you purchase the Mentorship package.) *Please NOTE that the course will NOT be purchasable again after the Kickstarter ends, up until mid-2022, when we release the fully finished course to the public. The course will be made regardless of whether the Kickstarter succeeds or not. However, a successful campaign will help us make the course bigger and complete it faster, as well as receive your input. In any case, it will still be the biggest Blender animation course ever created.

If you think TOAnimate could help someone you know, please share the campaign with them :)




If this is your first newsletter, hello and welcome! We appreciate your interest in our course and hope to provide lots of value and support on your animation journey. This includes a quick animation tip that you’ll receive in the middle of each month. Last month’s infographic looked like this:


That’s it from us, we look forward to connecting with you again soon!

With love,

TOAnimate Team.

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