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July 2022 Course Updates (14)

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Hey hey!


We hope you’re enjoying the summer 🌞 (sorry southern hemisphere folks!) and taking some well-deserved rest to recharge and stay creative.

Here are some things we’ve been up to since our last newsletter:


Howard is a super talented 2D artist who’s amassed a large following teaching animation on YouTube (over 330k subscribers).

We’re excited to share that TOAnimate students now get a 10% discount to purchase any of his amazing 2D animation courses to expand their knowledge even further!


It took us a while to catch up but we’ve officially started filling up our two animation courses with lessons. Right now we are focusing on beginners and building their foundational knowledge of animation. So far the student response has been great, which we are so grateful for!

In case you’re curious, our lessons focus on teaching animation principles through carefully structured exercises that increase in complexity over time. They also come with Blender work files, example animations made by instructors, rigs & assets, as well as very handy PDFs with animation checklists, step-by-step animation guides, definitions and so much more!

Below is a snipped of a handbooks for one of our exercises:


side from lessons, we continue working on more assets for students to enjoy. We just approved the design for Max’s and May’s space suits and have moved into the modeling stage. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can look forward to!


We want to thank you for being here and supporting us, either by purchasing our courses or just following along with our journey. We appreciate you!

With love,

TOAnimate Team.

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