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We’re back with another monthly recap and some exciting news! ;)



We want to provide as much value as possible to our students, even outside of our courses. That’s why we decided to partner up with a couple of amazing Blender add-on creators.

TOAnimate members now have a 30% discount to purchase the Animation Layers add-on, as well as 15% off of Blastframe’s Ultimate Animators Bundle. As animators, we find that these tools are a great addition to vanilla Blender and we use them all the time.


After a lot of hard work, we were finally able to give access to our current students who purchased the Animation and Mentorship courses during the Kickstarter. We will start uploading lessons to them this month. For now, students can enjoy all of these newly released assets:

  • May Rig

  • Cockpit Set

  • Dummy Rig

  • Sword

  • Hoverboard

  • Martin Rig

  • Ball with Tail Rig

Hoverboard rig for Blender
Rough version of TOAnimate animation course poster
Martin rig, Sword rig, and Dummy rig by TOAnimate


And finally, the exciting news! We decided that instead of waiting till all the courses are done, we will publicly release the Blender Basics course on June 12, 2022!

Stay tuned, as we’ll be sending out another email once the course is out. Currently, the course contains over 40 video lessons, accompanying PDF handbooks, and it comes with the Max Rig, Gun, Bouncing Ball Rig, Camera rig and our Blender Hotkey Cheat Sheet!

TOAnimate Blender Basics for animators - banner

So if you’re an animator that’s been thinking about learning Blender, this is the perfect opportunity!

Check out more info about the package below:


May is going to be a busy month for us. We have just a few more details to fine-tune (and a few more videos to complete) before the Blender Basics release. Then we’ll be shifting our focus to the animation courses, polishing up the spaceship living quarters set and designing cool new assets for future release.

Living quarters set design for TOAnimate

We hope you are enjoying our content and thank you for following along with us. Till next time - happy animating!

With love,

TOAnimate Team.

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