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June Course Updates (13)

Hey everyone!


As you may know, we publicly launched our Blender Basics course mid-June, and we’re so excited to welcome so many of you in our community. TOAnimate now has well over 600 students and so we wanted to give you a little overview of what we’ve been up to recently.


We really enjoyed the new season of Stranger Things and decided to celebrate the release of the second half with a short animation and analysis.


Our Blender Basics course keeps on growing! We want to make sure our students get a well-rounded knowledge of everything related to animating in Blender, and so we decided to add a couple of lectures on Lighting and Rendering (both in Cycles and Eevee). This way, students can make their shots look really appealing on their demo reels.

The below image is a quick preview of our PDF handbook of the Lighting video.

We are thrilled to see that Blender developers have been dedicating more time to animation tools. The release of Blender 3 blessed us with an Asset Browser, which also includes a much needed Pose Library. This feature makes the lives of animators a lot easier, because we are now able to save poses and quickly share them across different files. Of course, we also added an in-depth lecture on how to use it efficiently and will be creating our own library with Max and May poses, mouth shapes and expressions.