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June 2022 Course Updates (13)

Updated: Jul 17

Hey everyone!


As you may know, we publicly launched our Blender Basics course mid-June, and we’re so excited to welcome so many of you in our community. TOAnimate now has well over 600 students and so we wanted to give you a little overview of what we’ve been up to recently.


We really enjoyed the new season of Stranger Things and decided to celebrate the release of the second half with a short animation and analysis.


Our Blender Basics course keeps on growing! We want to make sure our students get a well-rounded knowledge of everything related to animating in Blender, and so we decided to add a couple of lectures on Lighting and Rendering (both in Cycles and Eevee). This way, students can make their shots look really appealing on their demo reels.

The below image is a quick preview of our PDF handbook of the Lighting video.

We are thrilled to see that Blender developers have been dedicating more time to animation tools. The release of Blender 3 blessed us with an Asset Browser, which also includes a much needed Pose Library. This feature makes the lives of animators a lot easier, because we are now able to save poses and quickly share them across different files. Of course, we also added an in-depth lecture on how to use it efficiently and will be creating our own library with Max and May poses, mouth shapes and expressions.


Keep your eyes peeled for the public release of our first free Blender rig! You will be able to grab this one even if you aren’t part of the community. More info coming very soon :)



We are now focusing most of our energy on developing the Animation Course curriculum. Half a dozen beginner lessons are written and ready to be recorded. These also include work files and animation examples, so that students can learn by doing. The aim of the beginner course is to explore the main animation principles and understand how they’re used in practice. To promote creativity and independence, we will also encourage students to create their own shots that show their understanding of animation basics but don’t copy tutorials step by step. There’s a lot of work to be done on our end first, but we are positive the course is going to be really fun!

We want to thank you for being here and supporting us, either by purchasing our courses or just following along with our journey. We appreciate you very much.

With love,

TOAnimate Team.

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