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May Course Updates (12)

Hey everyone!


Blender Basics Release

This month comes with an exciting announcement - our Blender Basics course is launching publicly on June 12!

Being less than 2 weeks away, we thought it would be a good idea to share more information in case you’re new here (welcome!).

Max rig from TOAnimate - poster for Blender Basics release

Blender Basics is perfect if you are an experienced animator looking to learn all the animation tools Blender has to offer. Within 2-3 weeks of dedicated learning, you will have professional knowledge of Blender’s animation tools.


Our curriculum keeps growing and here is the list of the current and upcoming lessons you can look forward to:

Blender Basics for animators curriculum


Our work on the Animation Course has been delayed a bit due to back-end work on the Blender Basics launch, but we were finally able to release all the assets to our current members and created this super cool poster to get you excited about what’s coming!