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February 2022 Course Update (9)

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Hey there! We are back with the February newsletter. This month we took a huge step and released the Blender Basics course for all Kickstarter backers. We have now nearly completed all Core lessons, with Advanced lessons coming in March.

We looove seeing the students engage in our Circle community, even sharing their first poses and animations using Max and the Ball rig. Seeing them enjoy what we’ve been working on for so long warms our cold Canadian hearts. 💙


Besides creating lessons, we are still working hard on new assets. We’re excited to share with you a couple of images of upcoming characters that are now fully designed/modelled.

First is the TOAnimate villain, whom we have yet to name (suggestions are welcome!)

Secondly, check out this cute robot character, which will be perfect for simple body mechanics shots and walk cycles


We’ve already received so much positive feedback from students - some saying that the course has helped them improve their workflow in Blender, others being blown away by the quality of our rigs. We’ve also gotten a lot of helpful suggestions for new rig features and adjustments, making the assets even better with every iteration. Our community is what makes this course and we are grateful for every single person who decided to join.

Speaking of joining ;) - we aren’t currently taking in any more students, but we are planning to have the full launch likely in August (more info on that coming later), which is when you’ll be able to grab a spot if you weren’t part of the Kickstarter. For now, feel free to stay in touch with any questions and check out the newsletter every month to see where we’re at.


Thank you everyone for your continuous support and encouragement!

With love,

TOAnimate Team.

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