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March 2023 Course Updates (22)

Check Out Our New Assets!


Our students love receiving free assets and we love creating them. Here are the newest additions to our universe:

Lil’ Max

It’s time to get crazy! This funny little guy is a cartoony version of the Max rig, with the same capabilities and some extra features. We created him in preparation for lessons on cartoony acting and exaggeration.

He’s currently in the making, and we’ll share more updates on him as he develops

On March 17th, you’ll be able to enroll into the Animation Course via the link above! 👀 Keep your eyes peeled for a promotional code we’ll be sharing on the day of launch.

Attack Droid

We’ve received tons of requests for more robots, and we couldn’t say no! Here’s a teaser of our upcoming Tactical Class Attack Droid. Max had teased at his existence in his voice lines, soon you’ll find out why he was panicking!

Max’s Spacesuit Promo

The spacesuit came out a couple of months ago, but we just released a promo video that showcases all of its features.

English Subtitles

To make the course more accessible around the globe, we are adding English subtitles to all of our lessons. The entire Blender Basics course and the Beginner section of the Animation Course are done, and we’re currently working on adding subtitles to the rest of the videos.

The Animation Course is Live!

In case you missed it, our Animation Course has been officially released! We’re closing in on 1000 students and the community is buzzing. If you’re interested in learning animation and getting your hands on the above assets (and much more), you can now join through our website.


Hope you enjoyed this months update!

With love,

TOAnimate Team

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