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April 2023 Course Updates (23)

Hey there!


We’re back with another monthly newsletter and an exciting new partnership!

But first…

Lil’ Max

Say hi to Lil’ Max in his full glory! We’ve talked about this character before, but now you can really see just how fun and bendy he is. The sky's the limit with the cartoony shapes you can create. He’s the perfect character for pushing the limits of 3D animation.

Advanced Lessons (Animation and Mentorship Courses)

All the core lessons for beginner and intermediate animators are now wrapped up, and we have officially started posting lessons for more advanced students. These lessons mainly focus on acting, appeal and lip sync. Naturally, we also created a pose library with tons of expressions for our Max and May characters that serve as a helpful starting point for any facial performance.

Partnership with Howard Wimshurst - Motion Lab

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Howard, who has recently come out with high-quality animation reference packs. They are perfect for animating dynamic scenes full of movements you probably can’t do yourself, such as tricking and sword acrobatics. TOAnimate students now get a generous 15% discount on all reference packs. You can check out Motion Lab and all of their awesome reference packages here:


Hope you enjoyed this months update!

With love,

TOAnimate Team

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