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Blender Basics course, learning blender animation tools
Blender Basics for Animators


Are you an experienced animator but new to Blender? Then this package is perfect for you! 

We've created detailed video tutorials that cover all the essential aspects of Blender that animators use on a daily basis. This course is solely focused on helping you become proficient with Blender, and it does not include any animation exercises. However, we've included our feature-quality Max rig and some other assets for you to practice using the new tools and create impressive shots. Additionally, you'll receive PDF handbooks for each lesson and unlimited access to our technical forum, where you can receive help with any Blender-related questions or problems.


What’s included?

40+ video lessons, PDF handbooks, hotkey cheat sheet, Max rig, phase gun, bouncing ball, TOAnimate camera, lifelong technical assistance


Blender Animation Course by TOAnimate
TOAnimate Blender Animation Course Icon


Perfect for anyone looking to learn or improve their animation skills. The course is divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, so you can start at your current level and progress over time. You'll have the freedom to study the lessons and complete the exercises at your own pace. This package gives you everything you need to create amazing shots, so you can focus on learning rather than searching for assets.


What’s included?

70+ animation lessons (currently in progress), dialogue clips, feature-quality rigs and assets, community access, technical assistance

Also includes the Blender Basics package to get you up to speed with Blender!


Blender Animation mentorship program
blender mentorship


Learn how to animate like a pro with the guidance of industry professionals. Our carefully designed curriculum will help you learn animation starting at your current level (beginner/intermediate/advanced). You'll receive feedback on your shots and create a stunning portfolio of your best work. 


Critiques of student work will be recorded and saved in our library for you to access at any time, so you can learn from everyone’s unique challenges and successes.


Our mentorship program lets you work at your own pace and schedule sessions whenever you're ready. You'll get guidance on how often to schedule sessions from your instructors. You have 12 feedback sessions to use whenever you want, so you can work around your busy schedule.


What’s included?

12 mentorship sessions, 1 demo reel critique session, the Blender Basics and Animation courses (110+ videos and PDF handbooks), feature-quality rigs and assets, community access, technical assistance and a library of student critiques.



Our Approach

All TOAnimate courses are designed to provide in-depth knowledge of Blender and 3D animation through detailed tutorials, lectures, exercises and mentorship sessions, specifically tailored for each package. To make your learning journey more fun and accessible, each course comes with exclusive rigs, assets and forums where you can ask questions, connect with your peers and discuss art and other topics!

We’re constantly evolving and creating new and updated content as the Blender community grows and new tools emerge. We believe learning is a life-long journey that shouldn't cost an arm and a leg; for that reason, your access to the course will forever remain active and any future lessons, rigs and assets will be automatically added to your existing package at no extra charge.



Add another software to your tool-kit and become the top-choice animator for any client or studio.


Gain the technical & artistic skills to jump-start your animation career.

Showcase your animation skills in an impressive portfolio that will land you your dream job!


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All prices are in USD

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