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March 2022 Course Update (10)

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Well hey there!

The first quarter of the year has already passed (how even?!) and we hope you are enjoying some warm weather finally. Here in Canada we are still freezing our butts off 🥶

We are coming to you with this month’s updates on the course. Most of our focus has been on finishing our Animation Course characters:



Say hi to Martin! Probably the cutest rig we’ve ever made 😍 He’s meant to substitute your standard flour sack rig, hence the really simple bean shape and no arms. We wanted to keep him simple enough for beginners, while including some fun extras to practice secondary action (tail and ears) & some basic facial controllers for the added cuteness!

Here’s a little Martin animation made by the awesome Vlad Mokhov:


To go even simpler, we now have a version of our Ball rig with a tail! Perfect for complete beginners to practice overlapping action.


We’ve introduced our robot rig in the previous newsletter, but now it is fully rigged and almost ready for our course members. Perfect for practicing body mechanics and even offers different expressions!

Core Lessons are DONE!

What’s next?

That’s right! Our Blender Basics course currently contains over 17 hours of content, split into 30+ video lessons - but we’re not done! We’re still adding lessons to the Advanced section of the course and preparing the launch of the Animation Course for the current course members.

If you’re not a member yet, don’t worry! Although we don’t have any spots available right now, we will be accepting new students sometime this fall and will continue to keep you updated.


Thank you everyone for your continuous support and encouragement!

With love,

TOAnimate Team.

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