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December 2022 Course Updates (19)

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Hey hey!


TOAnimate’s Goals for 2023

  • There are so many! Our first priority is to fully complete and release the animation course and launch our mentorship program by spring of 2023.

  • Due to popular demand, we are happy to report that we will also start working on a character creation and rigging course this year! We don’t have a definite timeline but will keep you updated on the progress as always.

  • You can also look forward to more assets coming your way (especially rigs). Our goal is to provide a rich selection of characters of different backgrounds and age groups, plus a healthy dose of robots, aliens and quadrupeds.

  • Two words: TOAnimate Store. We plan to make a majority of our current and future assets publicly available for purchase at our own online market. TOAnimate members will continue receiving most of them for free, but this way everyone will have the opportunity to access high-quality Blender assets at reasonable prices.

  • And of course, we plan to continue expanding in all other areas to make TOAnimate the best learning platform for all of you.

Young Talent Shoutout

We love seeing young artists creating and sharing their process with others. Check out this video by 14-year old Malek (CG Turbo on YouTube) on how to make a photorealistic mosque in Blender.


Whatever your plans are for the new year, we wish you lots of success in achieving them. Remember that it’s about the journey, so enjoy every moment. We’ll see you soon on the other side!

With love,

TOAnimate Team.

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