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May 2021 Course Update (1)

Updated: Jul 17

Hey there! Thank you for taking interest in TOAnimate, we truly appreciate you being here. We’re excited to present the first monthly newsletter! Since this is the first newsletter from us, let us quickly introduce ourselves.

TOAnimate is an extensive Blender animation course for anyone from beginners taking the first step on their journey, to seasoned artists seeking to sharpen up their skills and create a kick-ass portfolio.

We also offer packages for those who are purely interested in learning Blender as an animation software - there’s something for everyone!

We decided to make things really easy for ya and provide everything you need to create beautiful animations. The package will come with rigs (from a simple bouncing ball to complex characters), sets, dialogue clips recorded by professional voice actors, our own custom picker, props, lectures, assignments and much more! Check out our website ( for more info.

Please keep in mind that the course is still under development and the first release should happen later this year. We hope you stick around and seize the opportunity to purchase the course at a discounted price during the pre-sale!

So with that out of the way, let us show you what’s currently in development:

  • We’re hard at work to design and code our custom animation picker, which - as you might know - is a huge missing piece in Blender. The mockup version is starting to really come together.

  • Our Max and May rigs have been fully modelled and are now ready for rigging

  • Sets have been designed using virtual reality (how cool!). Here’s a little teaser:

  • Besides all the cool visual stuff, we’re developing comprehensive lessons on Blender basics (tailored specifically to animators), so that you can get familiar with the software before diving into the animation lectures. Each lesson will come with a recording and a handbook.

In the month of June, we’ll be continuing the development of our characters in rigging, improving the website, creating more lectures, coding the picker and much more fun stuff!

That’s it for now, thank you for being part of this exciting journey and we look forward to connecting with you again soon!

TOAnimate Team

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